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Adult Education Course

TX Insurance Prep

Change the path of your life and choose success. Solid Testing and Training Center is now offering TX INSURANCE preparation. We have flexible scheduling for busy adults. We offer in-person and remote preparation. With the remote option, you can take prep training anywhere!


How many hours is the preparation?

You have the option to take one full-day class or two half-day classes

What is the cost?

There is a registration fee of $120.00. The exam cost is a separate fee regulated by the state.

Can I take the exam as soon as I finish the class?

Yes! We encourage you to take the exam when you feel like you are ready. You can take it right after class or give yourself some time to review it alone. Either way, we are here rooting you on!

What are the identification and age requirements?

 For specifics, you can go to or call (888) 467-2080


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